Our dream was to create genuine and ultimate bicycle bags: with beautiful look, made of finest materials and ensuring high functionality. In this case the key was to ensure a convenient and hassle-free system for attaching the bag to bicycle rack. We didn’t want to use just the ordinary leather straps because they would be very troublesome in daily use. Our ambition was to come up with something truly innovative.


After long search and tests we decided to use high-quality hooks manufactured by a leading German brand which met all of our expectations related to functionality. The hooks may also be adjusted which enables stable and secure fitting of a bag to bicycle racks with diameter from 6 to 16 mm. They are equipped with an additional pannier-securing and stabilizing item and the maximum load of a pannier with this hooks-based system is as much as 10 kg.


But that’s not all. We also sewn in a discreet leather flap which cleverly hides the entire hooks-based system when off the bike. This way the functional bike pannier transforms into a beautiful classic bag. Perfect to work or school. Thanks to this we can offer a genuine and ultimate product: stylistically refined, with excellent quality, beautiful and convenient in everyday use. Perfect for urban cyclists.

FS Bike