Specifically selected material, solid stainless steel hardware, functional hooks-based system and intriguing design create the bag we are truly proud of and which we can with great pleasure recommend to all urban cyclists.

Our bags owe their quality and functionality not only to the materials they are made of but also to the exceptional and traditional production process. They are sewn in a Polish artisan shop by artisans with long-standing track record in working with such a demanding and noble material as genuine leather. 

First there is of course the idea and the design. Then we select adequate type of leather which often requires trips to the tannery to find the material which would perfectly match our vision of the product. But that’s not all, we also need to secure proper hardware which often involves many hours spent on searching for suitable buckle or a perfect snap-hook. Currently we use in our bags high-quality hardware made of stainless steel which is extremely solid and durable (and finding which required lots of time and effort, fortunately it was worth it). 

At this stage the product development process moves to our partner artisan shop where the entire production of our bags is based on hand-crafted manufacturing. The cutter based on relevant templates cuts different components of the final bag which are then sewn together and equipped with stainless steel hardware. Each stage of FS Bike bag production is strictly controlled in terms of workmanship quality and the final effect. Thanks to this our bags are extremely durable and enrapture with quality of workmanship.