Bicycle is your basic mean of transport? Do you use your bike to get to work or school?

Our bags are designed specifically for you!

Leather bicycle bags, bicycle panniers


Specifically for urban cyclists we have created beautiful leather bags with innovative system of hooks that were cleverly hidden under an additional leather flap. This is what makes our bags so exceptional. These are not only convenient and functional bicycle panniers, but also enrapturing with quality of workmanship and material as well as classic design bags, that will work great as BAGS FOR WORK OR SCHOOL. When you detach the pannier from the bicycle rack simply fasten the flap to transform it into a classic, smart and functional bag — an indispensable „equipment” for corporate employees, freelancers, CEOs, writers, IT engineers, accountants, teachers, professors, students, doctors... in a word all the enthusiast of two wheels who don’t want to give them up because of, for example, the dress code required at their office.



 The decision to swap your car for a bike brings about nothing but benefits. Instead of commuting by car with four empty seats, being stuck in traffic and getting nervous that your sedentary lifestyle affects your spice, we can hop on a bike, attach a bag with all necessary stuff or documents and enjoy better health, mood, environment and more friendly urban landscape.

 Fortunately we observe that more and more persons are making this decision. What is more city authorities begin to recognize its benefits for the citizens, the road traffic and air quality and on their own initiative start to support urban cyclists. In may European states there are special government programs under which, for example, employees who buy a bike to commute to work, may apply for tax return (UK). More and more cities also start to expand and improve the infrastructure and facilities for cyclists. In such conditions commuting by bike becomes something more than just a daily dose of outdoors pleasure and endorphins booster, but also becomes a manifesto of our deep awareness and care for our surrounding, environment, health and even bank account balance.  

Traffic jams and traffic impediments are not the only reason why the public administration in many European cities starts to promote the idea of commuting by bike. City centres become more and more jammed with traffic and filled with exhaust emissions and smog. Due to the air quality and the need to relieve traffic jam in many European cities some areas, mainly city centres, are closed to vehicle traffic. That is why soon commuting by bike on a daily basis may in many cases become not only a pleasurable activity or manifesto of personal beliefs but even a necessity. Thanks to this we will not only be able to enjoy fresh clean air and a neat urban space, but also we will be able to get to work on time and without any problems.

Bicycle is a truly exceptional invention: it does not pollute the air or environment, it does not distort the city landscape, it saves time and money, makes you smile and boosts energy for the whole day as well as ensures you stay in good shape and health. That is why we should not limit these goodies only to weekend rides or bicycle trips - let’s ride our bicycle for the entire year, to work, to school, to cafe. We will be healthier, happier and more well-off. To all those who decide to take this path we recommend our bags. We designed them specifically for you and your needs. See you on the bike lane! :)

Bicycle bags handmade in Poland