Meet the people who had a dream:
to make commuting by bike as stylish as practical by combining high quality traditional materials with innovative ideas.

FS Bike Bicycle Bags Team

MARCIN NOWAKOWSKI, founder and owner of the brand


Leather is a material which always amazed me with its amazing durability, ultra-smart and classic edge as well as extensive range of possible uses. It all started in 2012 when, thanks to, among others, my education in economics, I was entrusted with management of a traditional artisan shop specializing in leather goods manufacturing. All of a sudden I started looking at my work, or actually its results, from a completely different perspective. Craft, remarkable and durable material, the scents of leather filling the air, notable work of the artisans with long-standing track record in the industry, and as a result an actual product that may be handed over to the customer with confidence, or even with a sense of pride. These were the factors that encouraged me to follow this path, but on my own terms.


For many years of university studies, and later while working in large Polish cities I used to commute by bike. Most often I would take a messenger bag or a backpack with me. Usually it was quite inconvenient solution, not to mention such factors as elegance, aesthetics or dress code. Already at that time I noticed that many people who use their bike as a basic mean of transport, could use a product which on one hand would be of great use for a bicycle, and on the other would be perfect for every-day use: at school, work or during shopping. The last missing element was the leather - I decided to use this timeless material combined with exceptional quality of craftsmanship and classic design to create an innovative product ideally tailored to the needs of urban cyclists. And that is how FS Bike Bicycle Bags were created. We designed these panniers with exceptional quality (they are hand-crafted in a Polish artisan shop), functionality and classic style in mind. This idea gave rise to the collection of leather bicycle bags Oxford Ride and Business Ride as well as a series of other, intriguing leather products and accessories dedicated to cyclists. I am truly convinced that these unique bags will appeal not only to utility cyclists, but also to those who want to use their beloved two wheels to express their lifestyle and passion.


We use our contacts and know-how in the leather industry to improve and add variety to our products, implement new ideas and introduce FS Bike brand to increasingly broader group of customers. I believe we managed to create a product which is perfectly fit for the times we live in: modern city dwellers simply do not like compromises, they are exceptionally conscious consumers and citizens, they value quality and functionality, seek original solutions, they care about physical fitness and environment. Also more and more often they are forced by imposed regulations or global urbanization processes to swap their cars for bicycle. These are certainly serious challenges they have to face every day and they are extremely good at it. The reality doesn’t make it easier for them, but for sure we can! We want people to associate FS Bike brand with quality, authenticity and innovative attitude to the world and challenges it puts out for them.


KASIA NOWAKOWSKA, co-owner and enthusiast


I love leather! Its durability, noble look, unique qualities, the way it changes and acquires refinement with time, even its exceptional “smell”. I know, stereotypes are bad, but I am a woman and I simply love bags...

From the very beginning I became extremely enthusiastic about the idea of starting and running a company that designs and offers outstanding leather products. In fact this task did not seem that difficult because Marcin knows nearly everything about leather. I mainly deal with promoting our unique bags in Poland and abroad. When Marcin told me about his idea to create a classic leather bag that could serve as a functional bike pannier and also be used on a daily basis as a bag for work, I thought that it could really be something special: a hand-crafted, sewn by Polish artisans leather bag with remarkable and innovative functionality, a product that may become the best “friend” of urban cyclists. Now I am trying not only to improve the current selection, but most of all to present our bags to the growing group of utility cyclists, who are not aware that here in Poland we have such amazing solutions ideally tailored to their needs. Apart from that my head is full of ideas for other incredible models of panniers and bicycle bags. You should definitely follow our offer because in our company, as on a bicycle ride, there is no place for boredom :).