Minimalist bicycle pannier and versatile messenger bag in one. Hand-crafted with genuine leather. Reliable and stylish companion on your daily bike commute and trips.



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Minimalist bicycle pannier and versatile messenger bag in one

Hand-crafted leather bag for your daily commute

Minimalist and functional bicycle bag Easy Ride is a sturdy single bicycle pannier which enraptures with its clean form and multitude of practical features.

High quality and functionality

Hand-crafted in a traditional artisan shop in Poland with genuine leather. Thanks to the integrated system of reliable hooks attaching the bag to the bicycle rack is easy, hassle-free and fast. This leather pannier is a perfect choice for all cyclists commuting by bike, who value simplicity, quality and high functionality. In case of rain you can use the attached rain cover to protect your bag.

Practical and laptop-friendly

This exceptional bicycle pannier was designed specifically for active people who prefer to get to work or school by bike. That is why we made sure that your laptop will be safe and cozy inside a special, stiffened laptop compartment.

The only bicycle bag you'll ever need

Easy Ride will perform just great mounted to the bicycle rack as well as resting on your shoulder, and will certainly make an excellent gift for anyone who loves cycling or commuting by bike.

easy ride light brown

Data sheet

29 cm
38 cm
13 cm
Genuine leather sourced in Poland
Adjustable hook diameter from 6 to 16 mm
Maximum load up to 10 kg
Rixen’n’Kaul hooks with security pin
Fits laptops up to 15''
Gift wrapping option available
Hand-crafted in Poland
Rain cover included
Special laptop compartment

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